Frustration Station
Monday, January 08, 2007
Or, in other words, "Why You Shouldn't let Your Dana Buchman pants Touch the Floor of the McDonald's Bathroom."

In an effort to stay somewhat current in the dance industry, and also to keep in touch with certain dear friends, I staff the occasional spirit support competition for a Dance/Cheer company for whom I used to work. In the high school dance team world, the competitive season is really gearing up and getting busy - which is why I spent yesterday in central Illinois, emceeing an event. Now don't get me wrong (sing it, Bobby Brown) - I do this willingly, because I get paid for it, and because at the end of the very long and tiring day of being "on," I love it. It's an experience and an opportunity, and no day is ever the same. But 3 hours down, 6 hours on my 3-inch heeled feet, and 3.5 hours back really takes a toll on my sense of humor.

In short, I returned home tired and ravenously hungry...but a quiet night at home was apparently just not in the cards for me. To Wit: below, you will find a list of things that I encountered upon my return.

- Intermittent, pouring down (and occasionally blowing sideways) rain
- Two piles of dog vomit in the center of my foyer
- Refrigerator nearly empty of anything that is remotely edible by itself
- Laundry everywhere because the dog likes to drag it around and sleep in it

Then? THEN?! At 3:45 am, the dog decides (after begging for, and successfully obtaining a treat from me) to pee in the middle of the living room. Because he KNEW that I was awake and that I could hear him. I theorize that he was upset over just getting a treat, and not getting his entire breakfast. But I don't know...this is a dog who very rarely has accidents inside, and isn't intelligent enough to be spiteful.

I don't think I've EVER sprung out of bed that fast. Ever. And I have the undereye bags and circles today to prove it.