The Joy of Children
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Found some pictures on my camera from Christmas Eve, and thought they were too cute NOT to share with the world wide webnet...

Every Christmas Eve, my mother (oops, I mean "Santa") allows us to open one gift per person. Over the past several years, we have come to expect that this gift will be pajamas - to be worn for Christmas morning, most likely in the hopes that she will be able to have matching children and grandchildren in all photos. The pajama gift has morphed into a production all its own, and in 2006, the guys and girls got gender-specific jammies -- pink sock monkey pjs for the ladies, and Chicago Bears pjs for the men. Hilarious, when you think about it, because clearly nothing goes better together than orange, navy blue, and easter pink.

This past Christmas, my niece and nephew really enjoyed their new jammies -- so much so, in fact, that they spent the better part of 15 minutes running around my sister's kitchen, screaming and chasing each other. I had forgotten how much fun kids can have with even the simplest provocation.

Maybe I should add that to my list of things "to do" for 2007 - remember how much fun new pajamas are, and not hesitate to celebrate the glory that is the Target-purchased sock monkey robe.

Has anyone else noticed the countertop full-o-Christmas goodies? This is what happens when two teachers get married, and then receive bagfuls of holiday treats from their students. You can also see that I brought along the peanut brittle sent to me from AM because I quickly realized I wasn't man enough to finish it off by myself. YUM. Clearly the only thing our family loves more than flannel, and awkwardly positioned freeze frame dance moves inspired by The Wiggles, is dessert.