My College Self would Slap my Current Self for This
Monday, January 08, 2007
I know I shouldn't bitch about this because folks in LA and NYC have it much worse than we do, but I'm annoyed.

There's a movie filming directly outside my office building today - a holiday film, from the looks of the shopping bags being carried by all the extras. When the company emailed us to let us know our entrances would be blocked for a day or two, I witnessed at least 5 coworkers RUNNING FULL SPEED towards to elevators to investigate what celebrity might be outside - coats and gloves bedamned. Do you know what I did? I went into the kitchen and I made some soup. That's how much I care. Later, after having forgotten about all of the hullabaloo, I stepped out to run over to Walgreens. Oops.

9 Easy Steps to Insanity (and Rembrandt Wintergreen Toothpaste):

1. Exit elevator into lobby and wonder what all the commotion is.

2. Roll eyes at stupid ladies sweet talking the security desk into using their external cameras to follow Vince Vaughn around the sidewalk outside. (which? Vince Vaughn filming a movie in Chicago? Yawn.)

3. Reach front revolving doors, only to find them locked (and covered in signage directing me towards the extras holding area and the lunch area).

4. Turn around, take deep breath, approach security again.

5. Receive elaborate instructions on the ONLY WAY TO EXIT THE BUILDING which involves an internal elevator and the basement.

6. Wind around lower Michigan, huffing and puffing my out-of-shape self up several steep staircases, and finally reach Walgreens only to be pushed into a half-blind Streetwise guy by a rude extra.

7. Apologize to Streetwise Guy, give him a dollar.

8. Turn to glare at extra.

9. Enter Walgreens.