Name That Neurosis!
Friday, January 05, 2007
Found a personality test online courtesy of Tertia and couldn't resist. I'm going to go out on a limb and agree with EVERYTHING it said about me except "agressive," "phobic," and "does not like to be alone." I also greatly enjoy my dismal (yet accurate) score in the Adventurousness Category.

trait snapshot:

self revealing, neat, craves attention, prefers organized to unpredictable, needs things to be extremely clean, worrying, perfectionist, emotionally sensitive, respects authority, social, vain, does not like to be alone, likes large parties, controlling, social chameleon, not a thrill seeker, enjoys leadership, takes precautions, puts the needs of others ahead of their own, assertive, rule conscious, makes friends easily, always busy, heart over mind, phobic, aggressive, clingy, compassionate, dominant, outgoing, suspicious, hard working, strong