She's Here! She's Here!
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
As of 8:39 am this morning, my new computer is waiting for me in the package receipt area of the dry cleaners in my building. Aaaaah! It's a good thing, too, because the cable guy comes tomorrow afternoon to set up my internet connection. Then I will be able to blog freely, as I will not be using *whispers* my computer at work.

Seriously, though. I haven't had a personal computer all to my very self since 2003, and even in that last year, I didn't use it very much. Also, the new baby is an Apple, so this blog may finally move from Blogger to my independent domain -- I heard everything is easier on an Apple. We'll see...last time I used an Apple, I was in 7th grade and "Oregon Trail" was the most popular computer game in all the land. I have a feeling things are a bit different now. I'm just sayin'. I will also have the added bonus of no longer having to store all of my digital music and photos on this random, portable hard drive that I carry around like a technologically homeless woman.

I also have the burden of naming her -- like ships and planes, I have decided that Little Miss Apple-Yet-To-be-Named is female. iMac-n-cheese? Ida? Maxie? Inexplicably, I keep coming back to the characters on the Golden Girls...but who wants a hussy computer named Blanche? Easy mac? I welcome any suggestions.