Because I am Lazy, Here's a Meme for You
Monday, February 05, 2007
Where I am From

I am from ballet shoes, from Band-Aids and bunions. I am from the half-brick, split-level, popcorn and milk for dinner on movie night. I am from the yellow roses, fake ficus trees, and raked maple leaves, the blue and green parakeets, the golden hamster, the redheaded guinea pig, and the angry but loyal dachshund. I am from homemade advent calendars in December, and speaking out of turn, from Beatrice, Joseph, Wilbur, and Catherine. I am from fierce loyalty and unwavering support in tough times. From “No one said life was fair,” and “your best is all you can do.”

I am from Methodists, Lutherans, and Calvinists – upper European, ultra conservative protestants. I’m from Georgia, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden, from picnic food, twice-baked potatoes, and Grandma’s spaghetti. From the day my 13-year old grandmother found out her mother had passed away, the trip to Africa my father would never forget, and the odd ways we hold on to the past and the people that were in it.

I am from crackled photo albums with yellowed pictures of floral housedresses, bouffant hair-dos, and cats-eye glasses…from dish sets, mismatched linens, and turquoise jewelry. I am from my parents, but built of love from people who didn’t survive to see me born.

I am from preparation and pain, reciprocity and reward, from history, strength, happiness, and certain, quiet conversations in the dark.

adapted from Toya's recent post