Holy Apathy, Batman!
Thursday, February 15, 2007
So yeah, I've been ignoring my blog. Sorry. I've been busy:

- thinking about foreign currency exchange rates
- teaching myself Photoshop
- creating redundant, yet different (!) packing lists (er...spreadsheets)
- trying to hide the luggage from the dog
- downloading iTunes EVERYTHING
- making excuses for not updating my blog...

and the faulty logic goes on and on.

I have, however, surprised myself with my own taste in music. I managed to download a little bit of everything last night - from Juice Newton to Lady Sovereign, Panic! at the Disco to New Order, Depeche Mode to Jamelia, and even some Rilo Kiley, Sugarland, and Nina Simone in there. I'm such a weirdo.

Any last minute advice on how NOT to die while skiing/paragliding/snowboarding/sledding? Thoughts on how to keep warm OTHER than copious amounts of alcohol or chemical packets in my boots? Can anyone tell me why we didn't decide on a weeklong trip to Puerto Vallarta? Anyone? Bueller?

Seriously, though, I am pumped to be headed out tomorrow. I haven't been to Europe in a looooong time, and my German is very, very rusty. When you hit the bars tomorrow night, think of me sitting at O'Hare, worrying about the dog and waiting for my Ambien to kick in (and hoping that I don't fall so deeply asleep that I keep the entire plane awake with my snoring, and/or wet myself).

Good times, good times.