Just When You Think it's Safe to Go Outside
Saturday, February 03, 2007
Every so often, I have twinges of two-dog jealousy. I think Doc should have a playmate, someone for him to socialize with, someone to keep him company while I'm at work all day. Most people who purchase or adopt a second dog have wonderful experiences...I have even surfed labrador rescue websites in search of a full-size lab to bring out Doc's inner labrador.

Full disclosure: I have also been looking for dachshunds, as they are one of my favorite breeds and also part of what comprises my dog.

That being said, Doc and I encountered a behemoth of a black lab today in the alley behind our building. (And here I thought it would be a normal morning walk) "Louie," as he is called, is a big boy - 75 pounds and still only a puppy - 7 months old! I squatted down to hug him, and strategically speaking, also to keep him from picking up Doc like a chew toy and throwing him around, and he met me halfway by jumping almost straight into my arms.

Have you ever caught a 75 pound medicine ball? No, because the thought of it is total insanity. So I sort of stumbled over sideways, quite literally bowled over by puppy love, and quickly realized that my winter coat, my WHITE winter coat, was no longer. So it's off to the dry cleaners for that one.

I think I'll stick with just one dog for now.