Not Too Shabby
Monday, February 05, 2007
Like pretty much every other Chicagoan out there, I'm glad that the SuperBowl hype is over -- win, or lose. I'm glad that the weather is so unbelievably flipping cold (high of zero today, wind chill factor takes that to 15 below! yippee!) because it distracts our city from thinking about what happened (or didn't happen) yesterday.

The thing is, Peyton Manning sort of deserved to win...the Midwest, as a whole, still won, so to speak. And while I'm going to get all sorts of hater emails from my friends in Indiana, I'm more worried about what is going to happen to Rex Grossman. The media (not to mention fans) will crucify him, and for what? For taking an incomplete, injured team to the Super Bowl in his first full season as QB? For having a bad game? I guess everything is different when it's THE game, and not just A game.

Oh well, RIP 2006-2007 Chicago Bears. All in all, I think things bode well for next year! Let's hope so.