Two Way Streets
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
My condo is a comfortable place to be, at least for me -- I am always thinking about ways to make it a little more "live-able" and welcoming to others. When I bought the place, I had this master plan of what furniture would go where, how many folding chairs to keep, whether I should ditch the ottoman and buy a coffee table, etc. Then I realized how house poor I was and quickly ditched all those ideas in favor of things purchased through Craigslist and (gasp!) IKEA. I know, I know - it's not terribly mature of me, but it SURE IS CHEAP. And because I'm not spending a ton of money, I don't feel guilty changing my mind.

Case in point: my desk. I bought a cheap, veneered dining table from this woman, thinking, "this will make a great desk, and I can use the other end for sewing!" Then I got it home, and realized that (thanks in large part to the computer Sean gave me which is roughly 5 times the size I thought it would be) I didn't have quite as much space as I had hoped. The desk area continues to be an evolving section of my apartment - both mentally and literally. Sometimes I can't stand the visible wires, the mismatched desk accessories, and the creative clutter...other times, I think about how crazy I am for overanalyzing.

Long story short, here it is: the place that I blog from (almost always). It is also the place where I incorrectly put prepositions on the ends of sentences, upload bad photos onto Flickr, and obsessively reorganize stacks of papers that need to be scanned and filed away. Click to enlarge:

Please note the following:
- window frame project that is STILL UNDONE. GAH. someday, it will be hung flush on the wall next to the desk to hold photos, papers, whatevers.
- shredder from Staples that eats CDs. Yes, I am a massive sucker for good advertising.
- empty plastic bins that serve no purpose, yet provide an eerie sense of (false) organization and productivity
- multiple composition notebooks that contain magazine and newspaper clippings of interior design photos, furniture, beauty products, etc. Things to remember, things to which I aspire, things I want to buy someday, or make.
- many, many wires. anyone want to buy me a wireless keyboard and mouse?
- old impressionist-themed address book from high school.
- baskets containing office supplies because I am a moron that bought a dining table, and not a real desk with DRAWERS
- two scented soy candles: one mulberry, one green tea
- acrylic table lamp from Target, my favorite place in all the world
- a fancy, schmancy printer/copier/scanner with all sorts of features that I will never know how to use because I am a technology Luddite. The more functionality you give me, the less likely I am to use it.