Weekend Update with Jamie Jamerkins
Monday, February 12, 2007
- I had the distinct pleasure of introducing "D**k in a Box" to Sean last night, via YouTube. He hadn't seen or heard of it, which was unthinkable to me, because it is an SNL skit that is actually funny. Then it occurred to me that Sean actually WORKS at work (and home) , and might be too focused to pay attention to the latest and greatest developments on YouTube. Hmm.

- Did anyone else think that Joan Baez looked so amazing on the Grammys last night? I thought she really looked fantastic - trim, healthy, and glowing! Joan Baez! Who knew? Also, artists who surprised me by looking glam and happy: Mary J. Blige (but only when she took those ridiculous faux braids off), Shakira, and Natalie Cole. Thumbs down to the WAY-too-skinny Carrie Underwood, Rhianna, and Leann Rimes. I was really hoping the whole "sternum as a washboard" trend was on the way out. Yuck.

- Also on the Grammys - Police? Yay! Beyonce? Yawn. Zzzzzzz. Smokey Robinson? AAAAAHHHHHH! I also fell off the couch when I saw his face. I do believe Smokey's face has been done over one time too many - he looked like a dark Tom Jones, minus the chest hair. Crikey.

- Steak with Toronto Rub from Whole Foods? DE-LISH. Mmm-mmm-mmm. The mere thought of it makes my carnivorous beat wildly.

- I got a chance to catch up with a bunch of sorority sisters yesterday at a baby shower for my dear friend Kim. Very ironic, given my recent post. Fortunately, the ones I thought were/are completely irritating weren't even invited! Score! It was so nice to see them, truly.

- I have officially fallen back in love with the fruit bars and fruit leathers by Archer Farms. I picked some snacks up at Target yesterday (in case I get stranded on the side of the Alps with low blood sugar). It is so wrong, my love for these little bars...so wrong, and yet, so right.

- Last night, I synced my iPod with my iTunes for the first time in 1.5 years. Yes.

- 4 years ago, today, I had my first official date with Sean. 4 years (and 15 days) ago, I was a pro cheerleader in the AFL, 15 pounds lighter, working in a ridiculously low-paying, no-appreciation job in the travel industry, and I got dragged (kicking and screaming) to a house party in Lincoln Park (ick) by my friend Kate where I met a funny guy with a nice smile, who was wearing a black sweater with 3 stripes across the chest.