Friday Randomness
Friday, March 23, 2007
The homeless guy that begs for change between my building and the nearest McDonalds actually put his arm around me today. It was genuinely weird, almost as weird as the last time a homeless person touched me (although that time I was slapped in the face in the grocery store). This guy told me that if he "had a nice suit and a thousand dollars," that he would "grab me and go." Gas station slogan references aside, I am REALLY hoping that he meant that in the "run away together" sense, and not the "I'm going to kidnap you in the night and stun you with chloroform until we're across the border" sense. I admit, neither choice is the ideal scenario, but you know what I mean.

I was so stunned that his hand was on my shoulder that I couldn't even come up with a response to the effect that no amount of money could convince me to run away with an ugly, sometimes rude, sometimes drunk, homeless person...even if said homeless person dons a Conant High School letterjacket in the winter and tries to sing be-bop songs from the 1950's which oddly, I find to be both pathetic and endearing.


In other news, more information about me:

Things Jamie Loves:
Skim Milk
Marc Jacobs handbags
Diet A&W Root Beer
anything in clever packaging

Things Jamie Hates:
that weird Homeless Guy
Sisal Rugs/Flooring
Vanilla - mostly just the smell
Ice cream on top of anything
Juicy Couture
dogs in bags
Ann Coulter