Furniture & Relief
Monday, March 12, 2007
After a winter full of working weekends, I was thrilled to be able to have this past weekend for relaxing. Until I realized that my definition of "relax," is to sit on my duff and do nothing - and I had plans for both days, so in a twisted way, I relaxed but it wasn't relaxing.

Wait - where are you going?

Sean came in on Friday, so I got a bunch of stuff done and out of the way before then - including manually unclogging my bathtub drain. Nothing makes you feel more like a homeowner than fashioning a wire hanger into a teeny, tiny hook and then using it to pull a RIDICULOUS amount of your own hair out of a drain. Also, it was one of the more disgusting experiences of my life. Now, however, the drain is crystal clear and running like a champ, so the nastiness was worth it, in the end. I was going to take photos, but what came up was so unbelievably gnarly that I couldn't even stomach the idea, let alone leave all of you with the painful, visual images.

Saturday I attended a bagDaddy party at my sister's home in the 'burbs. Sadly, none of the bags really interested me...and that's saying a LOT given my love of handbags. Most of them are just...dare I say...really, insanely tacky looking? My mother offered to purchase a new makeup bag for me (no pic available) which I ordered in this bizarrely whimsical fabric with Wild West cowboys on it...then I picked up a matching set of smaller makeup bags in a black, tooled leather. My brother in law told me they reminded him of "Brokeback Mountain." I told him he could stuff it. An hour later, I "got" my own joke and laughed out loud in the car. By myself. Niiice.

Sunday morning, I went to church. And by "church," I mean IKEA. I've been stalking a few things online that I wanted for the condo - and surprisingly, I found them to be just as appealing in person. I got a tv stand, an office chair, and among other assorted goodies, a track of task lighting for my very dark kitchen. Once I get them up, there will be photos. Until then, just know that I made it in and out of the store WITHOUT doing any of the following: eating swedish food, pulling my hair out due to stress and crowds, killing stupid people that stop mid-aisle to discuss which khaki runner to buy, and buying assloads of stupid, useless crap just because it was $2.99 for a set of 8. I did, however, buy a glass cookie jar for dog treats. It was countertop friendly, and matched the aesthetic of my kitchen. Ahem. I consider that a victory, all "IKEA" things considered.

What did YOU do this weekend?