Things I Learned This Weekend
Sunday, March 25, 2007
Making tuna salad without mayonnaise just feels WRONG, somehow.

If given the opportunity, the dog can and will take a massive dump in the most embarassing part of your neighborhood - notably outside the front door of the ritzy boutique hotel around the corner, on their welcome mat. Let's just say that I do not think his behavior was...ahem...welcome. (cha cha cha)

Classical music helps me to concentrate on my writing - especially pieces with trumpet solos.

One trip to the Lush store will leave you smelling of soap and fruit all day long.

Reading books on decorating small spaces only makes me want more space. Mostly for shoes.

The movie "Bring It On" really, really, REALLY irritates me. I think it's mostly their use of the phrase "cheertator," combined with the weird flat quality of Kirsten Dunst's front teeth (the shape of which you can also find on Cynthia Nixon).

I love Paula Deen, but holy pajamas could she PUH-LEASE tone down the damn eyeliner?! Lordy.

I am not a soprano, as much as I might try to stretch it. Alto city. (note to self: discard Vanessa Carlton CD immediately)

Summer is just around the corner, and so is my brand new, stay-puff hair.