Weekend Update with Jamie Jamerkins
Monday, March 05, 2007
Well, folks, it was a doozy. I spent most of Friday procrastinating all my household chores, then spent Saturday hanging out with Sean, and taking care of only the most important and/or time sensitive ones. What is it about coming back from a vacation that makes one feel as if they need another vacation? Sheesh.

Yesterday I emcee'ed my final dance team competition for the year, which was bittersweet. I so enjoy being part of that "world" and that industry, and having taken a couple steps away from it in the past years, I can honestly say that I'm still not sure if I should have left. Selling out to The Man might be more lucrative and have great side benefits like, oh, say...medical coverage and a 401(K), but that is nothing compared to the instant gratification that I get from helping someone make an event run smoothly, or making someone smile.

Now I have big, dark circles under my eyes, a case of the sniffles, and some minor congestion. Why can't they make the flu shot inclusive of common cold protection? What the hell?

I'm going to go blow my nose, now. I finally put my pictures from Switzerland up in my Flickr account (still working on some of them...I took WAY too many) so go check that out.

**Update: I forgot - I also worked on some reviews for DeLush - here is the most recent one. Yes, I actually wore metallic nail polish in public.