Weekend Update
Monday, March 19, 2007
This weekend was one of the best I've had in awhile - and by "best," I mean laziest. I cannot remember the last time I willingly just sat around for two whole days. Sure I got SOME stuff done - like putting up new lighting in the kitchen (which I mostly owe to Sean because even with a stepstool, I'm not tall enough to reach the ceiling, AND I know nothing of wires and such). Now I can see the instructions on a recipe without turning the light on in the dining area, and I can boil water without using the light under my microwave! No more kitchen cave! Brilliant!

I also finished my latest review for Delush - you can read it here.

Book club on Friday was entertaining as always - including news on an engagement for one of my best friends, and intermittent discussion of whether or not "pinot noir" translates to "black penis." (welcome, pervy googlers! glad to have you here) Next month, we will be reading Nickeled & Dimed and potentially holding our meeting at The Ritz, as one of our newer members is employed as a pastry chef there. Ironic, no?

Sean and I also took advantage of our bright, clear weather this weekend and walked up to the river - we walked all around town, actually. Doc managed to hold up pretty well, considering he doesn't usually get 4 miles of walking done in TWO WEEKS, let alone two days. They were cold walks, but pleasant and it is nice to have fresh air available that doesn't freeze the boogers in my nose immediately upon inhalation.

Also included: a quick trip to Target, experimentation with a recipe for Peanut Butter & Banana muffins, and various sessions of monkeying around with the HTML on this site. This week, I plan on focusing why the damn banner takes up half of the page. I also kind of miss the disco ball masthead. It made me feel all seventies inside.

What did YOU do this weekend?