5K Update
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
So the race is this saturday. As in, a few days from now. I could not feel less prepared.

I have the feeling that even though I've been halfheartedly training for it, another week of preparation would have been the ticket to meeting my time goal. I haven't run for fitness purposes in 8 years, and I certainly never imagined myself doing a 5K. The optimist in me says, "Just giving it a go is good enough," and the pessimist in me is screaming, "You're just going to embarass yourself, you fat, lazy slag." (Apparently my inner pessimist is angry and British)

This update is a bit belated, but here we go...

Mental Outlook for Race Day: Skeptical

Training surprise of the week: Being able to take a quick walk break, and actually feel physically ready to start running again

Training disappointment of the week: I still do not have thin ankles - I thought all runners developed thin ankles? WHERE ARE MY THIN ANKLES?! WTF?

Face color at end of most recent workout: Splotchy Eggplant

And the best part of all? I had an excuse to buy new shoes!

New shoes make everything better - even running.