Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Alice Bradley (of Finslippy fame) writes for AlphaMom under the name of "Wonderland." I find her to be an interesting writer - always wonderfully particular in her observations. She's a quirky one, that's for certain.

Recently, she wrote this piece, and I've been reading the comments every day since. There are so many interesting takes on the issue, and I don't think you have to be a parent, or a woman, to appreciate the dialogue.

I will concede, there are a few token boneheads writing asinine things, but for the most part it is a well-managed, peaceful dialogue. The most frightening thing to me is this: Philosophy, religion, and politics aside -- it's simply not appropriate to tell other people what to do with their body.

Laws are being artfully constructed RIGHT NOW by people who would:

assume that a handful of generally worded laws can adequately apply to, and govern, a host of human behaviors to lead to unwanted pregnancies, each of which is a unique and difficult situation,

willingly force a rape victim to bear the child of that violent union (and then deny her the ability to put that child up for adoption),

mandate a 16 year old to stare at the ultrasound image (and listen to the sonogram heartbeat) of her unborn child for HOURS before finalizing the decision to abort, and

do NOTHING about the ridiculous things that pass for "sexual education" in our school systems.

I like to think I'm supportive of life in all senses - including the life of each mother facing such an awful, heartbreaking decision. Does that make me pro-choice? Maybe, maybe not.