Whoorl-ing Dervish
Saturday, April 14, 2007
One of my favorite blogs is Whoorl. She is a unique source of laughter, advice, thoughts, and observations about everyday life -- in a perspective that is so refreshingly different from my own. I won't describe her writing any further, only to say that once you start reading, you won't be able to stop.

Simply put, Whoorl is the Pringles of the blogging universe.

This morning, she started up a reverse-chain of questions, of which I decided that I absolutely HAD to be a part. It seems like one of those simple online activities that starts out small, and then blooms into something interesting and spectacular. Here are the five questions that she emailed to me for the answering - instructions for joining in on the fun will be at the bottom.

Whoorl's Questions for Jamie:

1. Would you rather live by the oceans, or mountains? Or neither?

If forced to choose between the two, I would (without hesitation) choose the mountains for their spectacular scenic possibilities and visual variety. I don't like salt water, hate the messiness of sand, and I sunburn easily - so no oceans for me. In reality, I'm not terribly fond of either - I like my boring, midwestern plains. freshwater lakes, and rolling hills. Oceans and mountains seem to represent the two extremes of geography, which are always accompanied by natural disasters like hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, avalanches, and bathing suit season. I'll take a beautiful field of wheat blowing in the wind over rolling waves of water ANY DAY.

2. Do you regularly apply mascara?

Hell yes. I am a redhead - this means that my eyelashes (along with most of my body hair) are VERY light - like fishing line. If I don't wear mascara, I look like a female impersonator of Gary Busey - not a good look, friends. I wear mascara every single day - always brown, never black. I gave up black when I quit professional cheerleading - it was too drastic on me. Current rotation of mascaras include: LuLu Beauty Lash Creme, Clinique's Naturally Glossy Mascara, Sue Devitt Waterproof Mascara, and Maybelline's Define-a-Lash.

3. What snack could you not live without?

This is an insanely difficult question to answer, as I consider myself an expert on all foods portable and bite-size. Out of a large pool of qualified finalists like granola, bite-size snickers, graham crackers, peanut butter straight from the jar, roasted almonds, microwave popcorn, and organic fruit leathers, I would have to declare Diet Coke as the snack to end all snacks. It's technically not a food, but that doesn't sway my devotion. Jamie without Diet Coke is like a desert without sand.

4. Are you left-handed, or right-handed?

I am right-handed, which I believe to be fortunate. Do you know how few office products are out there for lefties? I surround myself with left-handed folks in order to keep a healthy balance. It also looks as if my nephew is going to be left-handed. I'm an equal opportunity hand advocate.

5. What kind of cheese do you prefer on your burger?

Cheeseburgers are my favorite food of all time, especially when they are topped with Pepper Jack. If there is no PJ to be had, I will settle for Colby-Jack, Sharp Cheddar, or even good ol' American Cheese. I refuse to eat most pungent cheeses, including Swiss and Muenster and anything that crumbles.

If you have a blog and want to join in, just comment here with the words, "Interview me!" I will email you five questions, then you put the answers on YOUR blog and so on. Enjoy!