Good Days
Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This past weekend wasn't just a short trip - it was like taking a trip to another planet. In my less discreet moments, I've disclosed on this blog my hatred for sweating, being sunburned, and generally all things Floridian. However, my wonderful friend Jen lives there and that makes it tolerable. I should amend that statement, actually - she doesn't just live there, she has this adorable home (with an adorable patio) in a beautiful town that is centrally located between many, many beaches.

In three short days, we managed to accomplish the following:
- an airboat ride in the everglades
- kayaking on the Loxahatchee river (river? inlet? what was that anyways?)
- two trips to two very beautiful, warm, pleasant beaches
- eating yummy food
- tours around some very affluent communities with mindboggling real estate
- much swearing about old people driving slowly
- stalk private property that we think might belong to Donald Trump
- laughing so hard my voice was raspy and my sides hurt

I've had several people ask me how I manage to remain so close with my friends from high school. There is no simple answer, no formula to which I can refer. I don't consider them my high school friends -- I consider them my best friends. We choose to remain in touch because we can't imagine life without one another. They know my every fault, my bad habits, my pet peeves, and my favorite foods. They know things about me that my own family doesn't know.

I wouldn't willingly go to Florida for anyone else.