It's should come as no surprise that "meme" has the word "me" in it
Friday, May 25, 2007
I love it when fun memes come out of the woodwork just before a long, holiday weekend when I have no plans on blogging...thanks, P!

three things that scare me:

1. the thought of my family dying/going away and never coming back
2. clowns
3. auto accidents

three people who make me laugh:

1. Sean
2. my coworker Laura
3. my dog

three things i love:

1. my mom's stuffed green peppers
2. fresh air
3. vacuuming

three things i hate/severely dislike:

1. stinky and/or crumbly cheese(s)
2. balancing my checkbook
3. my tendency to overanalyze

three things i don’t understand:

1. politics
2. how some people seem to be INCAPABLE of spelling or speaking correctly
3. roman-style sandals

three things on my desk:

1. our tickets for NASCAR at Chicagoland Speedway this summer (!)
2. my favorite bud vase - a teeny necked thing in robin's egg blue
3. carmex

three things i’m doing right now:

1. worrying about whether I have enough leftover green paint for the entire bathroom
2. drinking Diet Coke
3. mentally planning my weekend

three things i want to do before i die:

1. have children
2. coach dance again
3. find a job that I truly love

three things i can do:

1. make polite conversation with just about anyone
2. a well-elevated, correctly-executed Russian jete
3. think of really good (sometimes quirky) gifts for any occasion

three things i can’t do:

1. put on a poker face
2. watch American Idol (blecch)
3. tan

three things i think you should listen to:

1. children
2. your heart
3. Alice Peacock

three things you should never listen to:

1. Oprah
2. Dr. Phil
3. Tyra Banks

three things i’d like to learn:

1. self-discipline
2. how to "not sweat the small stuff"
3. making millions of dollars by sitting around on my duff

three favourite foods:

1. refried beans
2. potato salad
3. cheeseburgers

three shows i watched as a kid:

1. Great American Hero
2. Solid Gold
3. the Smurfs

three things i regret:

1. spending irresponsibly
2. not making a more deliberate effort to continue dancing
3. being mean to my sister, for no good reason, when we were younger

three people i tag:
1. Jonna, because she hates memes :)
2. Ish because she's a fellow redhead, a former dancer, and loves living in a city that would bring me to my metaphorical knees and leave me confined to a padded room for the rest of my natural life.
3. my sister because she's about to be done with her school year, and could probably use some easy blog content!