Random Drunken Updates
Friday, May 04, 2007
Do you know what happens when you drink 2 glasses of white wine before bed? Well, if you're me, you become unexpectedly drunk. So there's that.

Just as an FYI - my computer has movie trailers on it, and in my semi-drunken haze, I've watched several. I now want DESPERATELY to see the following:

Knocked Up
Away From Her (especially this one, as it seems particularly sad)
Fay Grim
Peaceful Warrior
Year of the Dog
The Valet

Also...I may, or may not have pseudo-dated this guy in college. From what I can remember, he's straight. FYI. (shrugs) Who knows? All I remember is that we used to call him "Bridgeport," because that was the neighborhood from which he came. Whatever. I wish him the best of luck.

** Update ** It's morning now, and I have figured out that I was just acquaintances with the aforementioned actor. I had him mixed up with someone else. Whoops! Someone needs to get on the wagon, and by SOMEONE, I clearly mean ME.

That is all from Hollywood News Central. Over and out.