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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Out of Office Alert: Please Stop and Read the Following Message.

I will be on vacation with my family all next week, holed up in a lake house north of the Smokey Mountains. I'm excited to relax and spend time with my munchkin niece and nephew...but I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure what all we're going to DO out there in the wilderness. We're not exactly outdoorsy folk. After years of camping and Girl Scouting, my sister and I would agree that time outside is best spent in the shade, in a hammock, reading a book.

Here is my current list of ideas for things to do:
applying copious amounts of SPF 70
golfing (or in my case, hoping I only have to yell FORE! once or twice)

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd...that's all I can think of. So here's where YOU come in.

Any ideas? Any suggestions you leave in the comments section will be considered and maybe even documented in photos for blogging when I return home. Let me know, you clever, clever people.