It's Craptastic!
Monday, June 04, 2007
First off, I'm sorry for my extended web absence. I'm sure all five of you were sorely disappointed with the lack of posting in the past week or so. My internet at home has been down - something about a weak signal, and boosting the signal, and waiting at home TWICE (once on a workday) for the technician to show up, etc. and so on, blah blah blah.

Once I get the internet back, I will bring my A-game - especially since Lawyerish gave me some linky-lovin, and I'd hate for her readers to come over here and see two random book quotes and a hastily written meme.

This weekend was a good one - the dog only pooped inside twice, which will probably be the thing I repeat aloud when I'm committed to the insane asylum of pet owners...Sean and I saw "Knocked Up," which was completely adorable (and the birth scene? Shocking but not terribly accurate, at least physiologically). Katherine Heigl has officially replaced Angelina Jolie as the only woman on earth with whom I would consider having sexual relations of any kind. She is far more approachable, and doesn't have all those bizarre tattoos.

Does the plural of "tattoo" need an "e" before the "s?" Anyone? Dan Quayle, any thoughts?

The NASCAR race at Dover was rained out, so that's no fun. Also, I've missed FOUR DAYS of my blogroll reading, and FOUR DAYS away from my web-based email. FOUR DAYS. I want my internet back.