Puppy Love
Monday, June 25, 2007
I make no secret of my desire for a second dog. It's simply not a good idea for me to have two right now, so I with every animal shelter website I find, and every cute homeless canine I read about, I repeat an internal mantra: "You don't have the time, you don't have the money," over and over and over again. I was doing okay until THIS happened...

I'd like to introduce you to Phoebe. She is the new furry child of my best friend Kate and her fiancee Dave. This sunday, they went to an adoption event and BITCHES SHOT MY MANTRA TO PIECES by adopting little Pheebs. Bastards. So, of course, I took Doc over there this evening to socialize with his new girlfriend.

He responded by running away from her, and cowering under the kitchen table. Awesome. Nice job, Doc, you adorable pansy ass, you. Way to be manly and appealing.

Seriously though, this little bundle named with a P is one of the most adorable pups with whom I have ever come into slobbery contact. I intend to negotiate an arranged marriage between the two dogs, wherein Doc (as an older gentleman) woos the lovely and agile Phoebe, and since he will (at that time) be roughly 35 pounds smaller than she will, she can carry his fur children with no unseemly weight gain whatsoever. I'm looking out for everyone's best interest, here, I swear. I'm having the papers drawn up first thing tomorrow morning.

Congratulations, Kate and Dave!