Simmering Down
Thursday, June 07, 2007
My cable-industry-related anger is at an all-time, but manageable, high. I'm like the saucepot full of roasted garlic marinara that hasn't yet started to boil, but you know when it begins, it's going to splatter like a CSI crime scene all over your kitchen. So sleep with one eye open, Comcast. Oh yes.

Adding fuel to the flame are my weekend plans. What is it about summer that promises stress-free, lazy days on the weekends, then SLAMS YOU with social events and expectations? Those Country Time Lemonade commercials were LYING, that's all I'm sayin'. I'll be in Wisconsin (Williams Bay, WHUH WHUH!) on Saturday to celebrate my maternal grandmother's 94th birthday. Raise the geriatric roof, ya'll. When I spoke with her a week or so ago, was talking about how all of her friends are so much younger than she is - and they're in their 80s. She's so spunky still, and makes me laugh.

Also this weekend is a much-feared event here in my neighborhood. On Saturday and Sunday, my quiet, friendly neighborhood will turn into this:

Have I mentioned recently that I hate crowds? So I plan on spending Sunday inside, watching the race, and counting my blessings.

And trying not to be angry.