Tuesday Thanks
Monday, June 11, 2007
Some bloggers write to feed their own egos, others for the emotional or mental outlet. Some just want to hear how adorable their children are on their Flickr pages, and still more are genuinely excellent writers -- although those pages are few and far between. The following blog falls into that final, elusive category.

I don't remember when I started reading All & Sundry. I do remember, however, that I bookmarked it almost immediately, and haven't stopped reading since. Her writing is frank, witty, complex, wry, and completely entertaining. She can make a post about baby poop, home renovation, or zombie theory just as entertaining as the story of how she photoshopped her armband tattoo out of a photo for the sake of her future in-laws.

Today, she put up a post that is candid and arresting. Reading it was a shock to my system, like someone had ripped part of me open and left it to sting in the open air. I don't know what her motivation was, and I don't really care, because her message is so utterly relevant and, well, IMPORTANT. I think it is vital for us all to remember that good people make mistakes, good people stumble sometimes, good people fail themselves and others. But the getting up - that is what really matters.

Thank you, Linda, for sharing something so unbelievably private and personal, so that we can all remember what it means to fall down and get back up again...so that we are reminded to be thankful for the ones who love us, and even more thankful to be able to look back on difficult times and say that we have learned something.