Friday, June 15, 2007
In the canine world, it goes without saying that dachshund owners are crazy on several levels - they possess a very specific brand of masochism, fueled by love, that includes putting up with a host of totally unappealing character traits. Things like incessant barking, easy weight gain (usually caused by eating anything in sight, including dirty underwear and loose change), severe territorialism, bad teeth, nervous urination, and revenge pooping. To know a dachshund is to love (and simultaneously hate) a dachshund. But the love! Oh, the love.

I preach because I know. I grew up with the angriest dachshund this side of the Mason-Dixon (who regularly bit me), and my current pup is half dachshund. I willingly prepare for the worst - especially potential issues, as the dachshund "standard" often manifests itself in mildly...ahem...offputting ways.

For a prime example, click here.

Now please excuse me while I go kneel in prayer for a few minutes about how my particular dachshund has a personality akin to his other (maybe) half, the affable, lovable, black labrador.