As If Driving Downtown Weren't Stressful Enough
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Over the past few weeks, this movie has been filming in/around the greater Loop area. I thought it was pretty interesting at first - for example, the helicopter they use to record aerial footage parks in my neighborhood (along with a Chicago Police Escort 'Copter). The other night, I was attempting to avoid highway traffic and took Wells Street south, and had no idea I'd be driving down the main artery of the crew's area. Trucks FULL of catering materials, wires, lights, you name it, they have it.

The filming has a bunch of streets closed at night - streets I use. A lot. You know, TO DRIVE ON. TO GET PLACES. So that part hasn't been all fun and games. Also, they close lower Wacker Drive at night (which I knew about - they used part of LW in the last film as the entrance to the Batcave, and for a chase scene, I believe). Then, it was entertaining. Now, it's just annoying, and it completely steals my shortcut from the north side of the Loop back to my building.

I swear to God, if Christian Bale wasn't involved in this project, I'd REALLY be aggravated. But the mere potential of his presence is enough to sooth my frayed nerves for the time being. This movie had better be good.