Vacation Update
Monday, July 02, 2007
Days Spent on Vacation: 2.5
Days Spent at O'Hare Airport, waiting for delayed flight to take off: 0.5
Cans of Beer Consumed: 411.75
Questions Posed by Inquisitive 4 year old Niece: 11,230
Questions Sufficiently Answered (according to Niece): 3
Hot Tub Sessions: 1
Episodes of Army Wives Watched: 1 (thank God for DirecTV)
Potential Meth Lab Shacks Seen from Entrance Road to Resort: 28
Shirtless TN Residents Seen: 3.5 (do toddlers count?)
Times Email Checked: 4 (thank God for wireless internet)
Beautiful View from Wraparound Porch: 1

So far, so good. I'll get around to taking pictures of all the activities you guys suggested in a few days.