List of things that have kept me from blogging a lot recently
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
1. Recent increase in the price of my monthly parking from "irritating but manageable" to "completely and infuriatingly outrageous."

2. My inability to focus on type/writing/letters of any kind after about 7pm. Those new glasses cannot come fast enough.

3. A newfound obsession with moving to a bigger, more affordable condo in the suburbs. I fully realize this is ridiculous (especially give the market right now), and it won't happen (much like that second dog I'm obsessing about getting), but it's still on my mind, so there you have it.

4. Mulling over DIY hardwood floors from IKEA.

5. My upcoming birthday.

6. Sean coming home from India in 1.5 days. I freak out a little about international travel, usually for no good reason. Someone could just as easily die in an airplane crash between Boise and Chicago, but he's on the OTHER HALF OF THE DAMN WORLD. He might as well be re-entering the atmosphere from an extended stay in outer space.

7. Distracted by this youtube clip. As if I needed ANOTHER reason to hate Jeff Gordon.

8. My desire to perfect my recipes for chocolate pound cake, meatloaf, bread and lasagna. These are things I imagine Martha Stewart would want all young women to know how to make.

9. Finale week of So You Think You Can Dance.

10. Trying to decide whether or not I want to join WW again. They're opening up a meeting for employees of our company, and the meeting would be held in our building, but do I want to step on a scale in the presence of my colleagues? Hmm.

11. Quicken for Mac. Not as easy as you might think. DAMMIT.