Oh, Lacey, No
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Those of you that don't watch So You Think You Can Dance can navigate to another page right now. Those of you that DO watch are about to get an earful.

Here's the thing: I know Mia Michaels is just unreal. She is brilliant, organic, and all those things that traditional choreographers would laugh off - she's wacky, she has a mullet, she pushes every boundary that she encounters. I hate modern/contemporary dance, and I love her.

So am I the only one that cried their way through her white contemporary routine tonight, and was SHOCKED to see Lacey snap out of character, and shove the last blue flower into her mouth?! SNAP! It was as if this beautiful tribute to Mia's father was all a shallow act for her, and suddenly when Cat began announcing her call-in numbers, she shoved the blue gerber daisy that Neil had tossed to her in the waning moments of the routine in. her. mouth. Then spit it out.

I hate to sound like a Bratz character, but that is SO not cool. Oh, Lacety-Lace. Lace face. Really, what were you thinking?! If I was an aspiring dancer, and had been lucky enough to work with Mia on a routine that was so incredibly personal, I would have kept that damn flower for the rest of my life -- if only for what it symbolizes. And I'm NOT a sappy girl, I don't keep a lot of souvenirs.

I'm just so disappointed. It sort of ruined the routine altogether for me. What a letdown.