Weekend Wrap-Up
Monday, August 20, 2007
Well the official slew of birthday celebrations are over, and it's back to life as usual here in the world of Jamie. I received some great gifts - gift certificates to Target, Uncommon Goods, and some unexpected $$$ from my parents. Sean took me out to dinner at Carnivale (which, um, oh my GOD, YUM), and gave me a really beautiful pair of earrings which I love and may not be taking off for awhile. You see, I have this unfortunate tendency to lose one earring from a pair. Which means that any valuable pair I receive either have to be worn (a) constantly, or (b) not at all.

Let's see, what else...I made chocolate pound cake (meh), and worked on perfecting my meatloaf abilities (still can't figure out the proper egg to breadcrumb ratio). It tastes amazing, but falls apart! What am I doing wrong?! I drank too many beers, had a quiet birthday dinner with my best friends at Dine, and managed to miss the throngs of people in town for the Air & Water Show. I also went to brunch with family at South Water Kitchen, where I was presented with a mini carrot cake (complete with candle). Fortunately, there was no singing involved, which I cannot stand.

Thanks to everyone that made this weekend so special! If you want to check in on me, I'll be in food and alcohol detox until approximately mid-September. Peace out.