Back on the WWagon
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
I knew something was "off" last week, when I spotted a pre-shower glimpse of myself in the mirror and my great curves (curves I love having) were gone. In their place was a semi-lumpy, misshapen, sort-of-dumpy body where my hourglass used to be. I'm the biggest I have ever been in my life, and I feel really uncomfortable a lot of the time. So, I'm back on Weight Watchers and I really hope it sticks this time.

My eating habits are average at best. Also, I need to stop drinking. The end of summer was full of so many parties, I put on at least 6 pounds in alcohol weight ALONE. Yowza.

I would post before and after photos, but let's be honest - those are only satisfying when there's an "after" to be had. So I'll save those for my "after" moment of celebration.

So here it is, for all the internet to see:
Height: 5'3"
Current Weight: 146 lbs.
Official WW Goal: Lose 10% (or 14 pounds)
Current State of Mind: Intense
First Personal Goal: Fit into an old pair of Paper/Denim/Cloth jeans by end of November

Since I only want to lose about 20 pounds total, I think that goal is more than fair. It won't be easy, but it must be done. The days of carefree "let yourself go while you're young" are officially o-v-e-r. Wish me luck.