Wednesday, September 05, 2007
So. Apple has redesigned the entire line of iPods. Hrmph. This is upsetting to me on several levels.

The realistic side of my personality sees the 8gb capacity of the new nano and thinks, "Gee, that's more space than I might ever need since my iPod is merely a music storage device and not used for video or photos. I could add a lot onto that without running out of storage space."

The sentimental side of my personality says, "But we love our precious, sky blue iPod mini with its surprisingly difficult-to-read display and 4gb capacity. It was a gift and it carries a moderate degree of intrinsic value."

The materialistic side of my personality says, "NEW! NEW! MUST HAVE NEW, SHINY, BEAUTIFUL NANO!"

And the rest of me wonders when the hell this will all just calm down. I think technology is a wonderful thing, but when does one just call it quits? If I buy another iPod, then will I just need another one in 2 years when the 450gb version is on sale at $49.99?

How are we to know when enough is enough, and for GOD'S SAKE ALREADY, how do these Apple junkies afford all the gear being shilled?! I feel like we're all just chasing our tails, waiting for something else polished and full of memory to appear - and then we're all off to the races again. Thinking about it makes me tired.