Wednesday, September 12, 2007
So here's what happened last night. On our way back inside from the last walk of the day, Doc and I waited patiently in the elevator lobby. The elevator came home to the first floor, and I bent over to make sure Doc was sitting and tightened the slack on his Chicago Cubs leash. The door opened, and out poured a couple with their two large dogs (one yellow lab, one siberian husky). As I stood up and noticed them, their Husky flew towards Doc, grabbing him by the scruff and shaking him around like a rag doll.

There may have been some growling, I don't remember. I couldn't really hear much - everything was muted by the sound of blood rushing in my ears. I screamed "oh my God" and the husky's owner started yanking at his collar and yelling, "Stop!" She pulled her dog over to one wall, and I retreated to the other while Doc skittered underneath my squat position, shaking and clearly confused.

The poor guy who also happened to be in the elevator with the couple and their dogs looked the most rattled of us all.

Doc and I got back up to the apartment, and I found a couple puncture wounds (or rather, bite marks) on the back of Doc's neck, bleeding profusely. If it had not been for the blood, I probably wouldn't have found them at all. I ran down to the lobby (leaving Doc alone) to wait for the couple to return from their walk. We exchanged information, and I ran back upstairs to take the dog to the emergency vet.

Three hours (and hundreds of dollars to be reimbursed by my neighbor) later, we got back home and I'm not sure who was more tired - I'm still like a damn zombie. Now he's got antibiotics to take, and this bizarre looking reverse mohawk, where the vet shaved off his hair to treat the bites. Fortunately, they are relatively superficial and should heal easily.

Assuming nothing flares up with his back in the coming weeks (courtesy of the violent shaking he received), all will be well. I'd post a picture of the wound, but it's really gross.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, please. Thanks.