Battle of the Bulge: Week 2
Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Another 2.4 pounds down, and I must admit that this week was really tough. I had to ration my calories (seriously, I did) to accomodate a happy hour gathering (which included pizza and beer, much to my delight, then regret). So despite that small setback, I'm still on a downward path, which is enough for now.

Besides, now that I'm 5 pounds lighter, it should only be another week or so until my clothes start fitting better and I stop feeling so uncomfortable all the time. Oh, and I actually hit the treadmill last night. Miracle of miracles...

Starting Weight: 146 lbs.
Current Weight: 140.2 lbs.
Loving: Diet A&W Root Beer (no calories, no caffeine, no guilt!)
Hating: Going to bed hungry

Next installment coming soon - same time next week.