Coult 45: A Smoking Gun
Friday, October 12, 2007
One of my greatest sources of irritation, besides people who ask obvious questions and bad drivers, is that certain type of person whose chosen purpose in life is to raise the hackles of others. My friend from high school (we'll call him C) just LOVED to get a rise out of people - a goal typically achieved via frustrating and pointless debate and mockery. I probably shouldn't use the past tense, since he still does this. He's happy to argue against the point, just to frustrate others - and he does it with a smile on his face. I'm annoyed just writing about it.

As a person with little to no sense of humor, I naturally found this very irritating, particularly when I was the target. Which I was. Often. So you can imagine how I feel whenever the media jumps all over Ann Coulter. With her latest smear campaign splashed across the newspapers and pseudo-intellectual periodicals, the media has played itself nicely into her hands. Even in posting this small rant, I am calling attention to her entire persona and personal agenda. Whatever. I think she's crazy.

As much as I commend her for exercising her right to free speech, sometimes I really wish she would just shut the hell up.