Getting an Education
Thursday, October 11, 2007
Whenever the end of summer is approaching, I have a tendency to hit a wall where my hair is concerned. Knowing Chicago, it's been a long, overly humid, miserable summer in which I have been forced to wear my hair curly out of necessity.

Back when my hair was insanely long, I was often asked why I just don't straighten it, and make my life a lot easier. There are two answers to that question: (1) straightening my hair (if it's longer than my shoulders) takes about a solid hour out of my day, and (2) any kind of humidity completely ruins any efforts or plans of said straightening.

If you've ever wondered why your curly girl friends (or curly guy friends, for that matter) hate hate HATE summer, there's a handy post over at Whoorl's hizzouse of hair today, explaining why straight hair takes work. She really does an excellent job of breaking it down, and proving once and for all that looking good takes effort, time, and energy.