It's That Time of Year Again
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
No, not time to figure out a Halloween costume. No, not time to make pumpkin bars (although I do believe that time is coming, and those fatty, wonderful creations have my name written all over them).

Time to start thinking about my holiday cards.

Historically, I try to come up with a funny photo of my dog dressed in holiday drag of some sort. Last year, I was *this* close to using the caption "Don we now our gay apparel..." but decided against it, for fear that I would inadvertantly alienate any of my homosexual friends and/or family.

I was sorting through my failed attempts from 2006, and wow, it sure wasn't good. Here's some evidence:

This year, I fear a holiday photo card will be difficult. I am thinking more and more that a traditional card would be much, much easier.