One Down, 14.4 to Go
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Bit of a disappointment yesterday at the DoubDub - only 1 pound lost. Then again, I had a rough week last week, full of alcohol that I didn't count and shouldn't have had, and that cheeseburger! OH, that glorious cheeseburger. That I also shouldn't have had.

Starting Weight: 146
Last Week's Weight: 140
This Week's Weight: 139
Goal Weight: 125

C'est la vie - what's done is done. At this rate, I could be 128 by Christmas! (like THAT'S gonna happen...I haven't been 128 since college, but I'm going to think optimistically)

Regardless, I get a new chance this week to get back on track.

Any sound weight loss suggestions/tips from my readers?