Monday, October 01, 2007
A short rant for this afternoon - I'm certain any of my readers out there who are as irritatingly anal as I am.

I don't understand how so many people in this great, big world can put ads, posts, and information in general out into the public realm without checking to make sure it has any accuracy whatsoever. I've blogged here before about my annoyances with typographical and spelling errors, but today I'm particularly irritated by phrases, proper nouns, and descriptions.

To wit: wrought iron. I notice this particular example frequently because, from a design standpoint, I hate it. Can't stand the way it looks.

But what I can't stand EVEN MORE than the product itself is that no human appears to be capable of referencing it properly. It's not ROT iron. It's not ROTH iron. I even saw a Craigslist ad once calling it KRAUT iron. It was hilarious to me until I realized the post was not a joke.

Would it be SO DIFFICULT to look something up? Ask a friend? Check google? Argh!

Next up for consternation analysis: those who say "ax" instead of "ask", people who use the phrase "touch bases" instead of the correct phrase "touch base," and one particular person who apparently can't take the time to properly pronounce "specific" and thinks "pacific" is an agreeable alternative.