(Pea)Pod Person
Thursday, October 18, 2007
It's official - Peapod and I are in love.

It all started back in the day - this past Tuesday, to be exact. There I was, in the midst of creating a stressful to-do list (instead of actually DOING the things on the list, but ah...such is my frustrating way of getting things done) and I came to the bitter realization that I didn't have any time to get my car and get the groceries.

So I bit the big city bullet - I ordered my groceries to be delivered. Now, folks in bigger cities (like, oh, say New York) might scoff and roll their eyes, for THEY have probably been having their groceries delivered for years now. So I'm late to jump on the bandwagon, but you know what I say to those folks who laugh at my grocery epiphany?

I can afford twice the square footage for half the price, so SUCK IT, Big Apple....people. Ahem.

(Lawyerish excluded, of course.)

The groceries arrived this evening, at 9:45 pm and just in the nick of time too, because the fridge was near empty and I needed to hammer out a pan of pumpkin bars and do some chili prep for tomorrow before turning in for the night. The groceries - they were so gorgeous and fantastic, I thought to myself, "this - THIS - must be blogged about," as if I were the first to think so, and immediately grabbed my camera.

Here are my assorted observations: (click to enlarge hastily taken photographs)

Observation #1: Note to self- never, ever buy the cheapest ground pork available, lest it arrives in a poorly executed airtight package with a homemade, laserjet label from Sweeney Todd's Deli & Butcher shop in Berwyn.

Observation #2: Pay attention to fluid ounces when ordering assorted baking necessities such as oil. No one needs a 48 oz. bottle of oil - it's as tall as the Weight Watchers frozen meals! Come to think of it, don't the two sort of cancel one another out?

I have no idea why this photo rotated itself - sorry for the neck cramp.

Observation #3: Joan of Arc canned beans are always the cheapest - even, as it turns out, online. Isn't it kind of cliche to have beans that are so cheap? Someday, I'm going to start up a high-end canned bean company and make a frillion dollars. Also - what's in a name? I'm not really sure whether it was worth dying an adolescent, martyr-iffic death...but whatever Joan did to make beans so cheap, I'm grateful for it.

Observation #4: I used to really like wandering around the grocery store, picking and choosing the best produce (which I have an innate skill for - the choosing, not the wandering), checking out the newest cheap haircare products, etc., and I really can't say with any certainty that I'll NEVER step foot in a grocery store again...but with a wine & beer shop just across the street, I don't plan on going back very often.