Casual Friday
Friday, February 22, 2008
Just a couple observations to send you off into your weekend:

- What is it about swimsuit shopping that is so utterly AWFUL?! I just lost 10 pounds. I should be running around, wearing nothing but a smile on my face. Instead, I'm ordering swimsuits online, only to have them show up and be incredibly unflattering in more ways than one. I must be at some in-between size. Or I have no idea what looks good on me. Or both.

- Must start Thighs and Buns of Steels tapes STAT. I'm okay with my stomach/abs, but my thighs. PEOPLE, MY THIGHS, OMFG. OH THE OBSCENITY OF THE MILK! (Hemingway is in the hizzouse - shout out to book club! represent, yo)

- I recently purchased this dress to wear to a friend's wedding. Isn't it adorable? It arrived this week and I'm completely in love with it. It has pockets! And it camouflages my thighs! And I don't have to wear a bra with it! IT'S THE TRIFECTA OF DRESS FANTASTIC-NESS.

- The dog's coat isn't as shiny as it used to be. I'm guessing this is a result of a relatively recent change in his food (per vet's orders). I'm planning on supplementing his diet with Brewer's Yeast capsules - any dog owners out there who have used them? If so, please feel free to chime in with your feedback and suggestions.

- Bamboo sheets are the bomb. If you don't believe me, buy yourself a set. You'll never go back to old, scratchy-ass cotton, and it's good for the environment! Plus, bamboo linens (towels included) are naturally anti-microbial which is fantastic if you suffer from allergies. Or are a raging germophobe.

- Chicago has been really cold this month. I would like it to stop now.

- According to Prevention magazine, natural redheads may be extinct by the year 2100. Apparently some study in England (where having red hair is not necessarily a popular or good thing) found that the recessive gene for red hair is being dominated by darker shades through "genetic intermingling." I guess I need to start banking away my eggs, just in case I'm called upon to save the world from the absence of redheads.

- Jennifer Lopez gave birth early this morning to twins in a New York hospital. I sure hope they take after their mother in the looks department. I'm just sayin'.