Half a Decade
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Five years ago, today, Sean and I had our first official date. And because I am the overly dramatic, emotional, communicative, and schmoopy half of "us," I couldn't resist proudly announcing the occasion.

I don't usually believe in celebrating "faux-versaries," but my contradictory self thinks 5 years is a pretty big deal. So I think I'll poke my head outside of the office, enjoy the big, fat white flakes swirling all around, and go get myself a grande skim no-whip mocha at Starbucks.

Even though Sean is overseas on a business trip and most likely sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress in his semi-cheesy Bangalore hotel right now, I sort of wish he could be here to come with me and order a venti raspberry latte with extra shots or whatever the hell he usually gets. I can never remember what he orders - whatever it is, the name is always longer than whatever I order (and the drink far more creative) and so therefore it flies in one ear, and immediately out the other.

Maybe in five more years, I'll finally have it memorized.