Weekend Update
Monday, February 18, 2008
As are most of my weekends up until I get back from vacation, this past one was jam-packed with stuff. Friday night, I hosted a impromptu (and much needed) girls night with K, K, and J. I didn't drink too much because I needed to be up early the next morning, but I had my share. Everyone did, in fact - I almost tore a rotator cuff taking the garbage to the chute the next morning.

Saturday, I worked a dance competition (emcee this time, not judging) and managed to completely ratchet the hell out of the awards ceremony. SOMEBODY (points frantically to self) forgot to make sure the results page numbers were in order, and just went full speed ahead - leaving a wake of confusion and minor chaos as I went. Not exactly the note on which I wanted to end the day (the rest of which actually went quite smoothly). Either way, it was a great chance to earn some extra cash and see friends.

Sunday, I *almost* finished the book club book for this month. I'm so close to the end! I really want to put this thing to bed, so I'll be furiously reading up until our meeting tomorrow evening. After that, I headed out to the 'burbs to attend a bridal shower for my friend L. I got to meet the groom's mother (who is quite wee and adorable), and also the junior bridesmaid who is old enough to have a really hilarious/odd sense of humor, and yet young enough not to take herself too seriously. Adorable.

I caught the last 25 laps of the Daytona 500 on the radio during my drive back into the city - sounds like it was an interesting one. I have to say that I'm sort of glad that the Hendrick cars crapped out. I would give anything for the 2008 season to be more interesting and varied than the 2007 season, which was the definition of boring. Which is saying something, since the sport primarily consists of cars driving around in a circle for hours upon hours.

Sean has had to extend his stay overseas, so he's gone for another solid week (and then some) so that's a huge disappointment. He can't really do anything about it, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Good thing I'm so busy, otherwise I'd be really down about the whole thing. I'd just like our lives to get back to normal. I'm really no good at being content unless I can fall back on some semblance of routine.

I do believe this will be a week for concentrating on positive thinking.