When I See Them, I Get All Tingly Inside
Friday, February 15, 2008
Financially speaking, I am not in a position to be buying up multiple pairs of $395.00 shoes. I typically give high-end shoe retailers nothing more than a cursory glance. I window shop when I know I can't afford something - it's a win/win...both for my credit cards and my brain. As long as I keep a safe distance, there is absolutely no temptation for me to splurge on something like a pair of shoes. That $400 could be so many other things - things I actually use and need, like groceries and utilities!

So you can imagine my surprise when I noticed these insanely fierce sandals on the side of a CTA bus shelter. They were actually accessories in a handbag advertisement, but my eyes focused laser-style onto the shoes. Now I'm obsessed. I haven't yet put myself through the pain of going to try them on at the store, but I KNOW they would look gorgeous on me. I just know it, alright? Geez.

I also know they would fit in with my current warm weather wardrobe - mostly denims, whites, and ivories with browns tossed in here and there. Really it's just stupid that I'm so fixated on these sandals. I'll probably never buy them. But DAMN if I don't want to run down Michigan Avenue on my lunch break and unwisely use some of my recently obtained bonus on those babies.

Somebody, please talk me out of this. Puh-lease? Somebody needs to bring me back down to earth, and STAT.