Day 1: to Seattle
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Holy cow, I feel like we have been traveling forever. After a Chicago to Denver flight, we killed some time in the Mile High City airport. Note to travelers: this may be the most boring airport in the entire nation. Then off to Sea-Tac for a day.

Lunch/breakfast (at this point, we really weren't sure what time it was) at the Soundview Cafe on Pikes Place. Two budweisers and half a chicken quesadilla later, we were ready to walk around and acquaint ourselves. And since both those beers were had by ME, see also: an impromptu nap before dinner. Oopsie.

Dinner at Sky City in the Space Needle, where I almost lost my cocktail hours snacks in the EXPOSED elevator. Nothing says "bon appetit" like seeing the steel girders of the OUTSIDE of the building you're in appear at your left and right. Oh, and feel a draft.

Dinner was fantastic - as it should be, to reward me for not passing out on the way up to the restaurant. Steak, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and the most amazing chocolate mousse I've ever had in my life. OMG. That stuff was like eating Betty Crocker frosting straight from the tub, only better. Also a recommendation from me to you - if you like oak-y reds, I suggest the Cloudline Pinot Noir. It's local to the Willamette region and very yummy.