Day 3: To Tofino, BC
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
I know these updates would be far more interesting with pictures, so hopefully I can accomodate that in a day or two. We have unlimited, free internet access (to which I say, "YOU HAVE THE INTERNET?!" and immediately pass out from sheer happiness) so if you want to see the gorgeousness of this area, check in with my Flickr from time to time.

Back to where I left off...left Vancouver in a Piper Navajo (gulp) flown by two lanky lads from Orca Air. Seriously, they were both well over 6 feet tall - the simple act of them getting into the cockpit was a feat of human origami. Despite my initial fears, we made it off to Tofino safely - while the co-captain ate a sandwich. I guess there wasn't anything to worry about.

After we checked into our very pretty hotel, we had a quick lunch/drink (because on vacation, alcohol is required with every meal) before heading into downtown Tofino. Tofino is a sleepy, little town with one stoplight (a blinking red one), one bank, one post office, and one liquor store. Everywhere you look, it resembles the town from Northern Exposure - only replace rain in the place of snow, and ocean in place of the Alaskan mountains. People here are super welcoming, and all have excellent suggestions for restaurants, activities, etc. After a shopping jaunt (handmade soaps procured) and a yummy dinner at Schooner, we took the resort shuttle back to the woods and settled in for the night.

This place is so unbelievably gorgeous, I struggle for the words to describe it adequately. If it weren't *quite* so rugged and remote, I would love to live here myself. It's really, really beautiful.