Day 5: Tofino, BC
Friday, March 21, 2008
Day 5 was a day of resting, hanging out, and indulgences.

After breakfast, we headed down to the spa on property for hot stone massages. Please allow me to take this moment to recommend this procedure to anyone who likes massages AT ALL. After a consultation and an herbal foot soak outside (it's chilly here but they covered us in blankets and gave us hot tea), we went into this little hut by the shore for our massages. The hot stones are really odd at first - they feel scaldingly hot. Ultimately, the body adjusts and they really do work wonders. My masseuse found the tight spot around my right shoulder blade almost immediately, and worked the hell out of it. After we were finished, there was a rainfall shower awaiting, replete with Aveda products everywhere, which made the product whore inside of me very, very happy.

After we cleaned up, we headed into town for lunch at Shelter, and got our first burgers of the vacation. The restaurant was very chill, and lovely. Yum. Then we walked back to the Wick (which is about 3 km outside of town, I would estimate). After a stop at Chocolate Tofino for dessert, and a quick visit to the local glassblower, we headed back to the hotel.

After doing a whole lot of nothing (awesome), we dressed up for dinner at the Pointe restaurant, which is the nicest restaurant on property. I had an herb salad with pine nuts and beets to start, then a zucchini and prosciutto wrapped cod filet with a side of roasted red pepper pearl couscous. Sean started with a tuna carpaccio, and then a steak with a side of something stacked and formed - I think it was potato dough, bleu cheese, and oxtail. Very fancy, but in all honesty, mediocre at best. The best part about dinner was the wine - a fruity white called La Frenz. Then we got back to the room and collapsed into bed.

Speaking on rest, I have to say we've been noticing an absurd change in our sleeping patterns here. We're dead tired at 7:30/8:00pm. Time change aside, this is still ridiculous because when I'm at home, I don't typically go to sleep until between 11:30-12am. What's up with that?! On the upside, my undereye circles are nearly gone - which means they're primarily a result of my sleeping patterns and not my allergies. Which is too bad, because when we get back to real life, I won't be able to sleep 11-12 hours a night.

This place is so beautiful - I would have more photos, but stupid Flickr is acting weirdo. Hope you're all looking forward to the end of your week, and to a lovely Easter weekend!